Capybara Civilization - Prototype

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Created By: Stark22e



I’m waiting for the potential update at the end of October before continuing this civ. For stability reasons and maybe it will bring some interesting game mechanics.


Thanks for the best Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition civilization.

Capybara meme aside, your mod reminded me of the time I was playing AOE II and creating a custom stage with lots of Gaia units to use the cheat that allowed you to control them. XD


It’s terrible. Whose idea it was to incorporate censorship on a forum for fans of goddamn RTS PC game series that is 25yo?
A sizeable number of fans of this series are most likely older than a fragile person that decided this place needs automatic protection of this kind.
Slaughtering people? Sure. Seeing the word ‘ass’ or whatever written somewhere? Christ save us :open_mouth:


Sweet wampum! Big Ounce dies!?

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I understand both positions and I can understand why they put this system, but it is still hateful for people who do nothing wrong, basically the righteous pay for the sinners.

Is my Capi-Bara rusty or is it another language I don’t understand? XD

If you allow me to make a few suggestions, I would love for the capybaras’ units to be other animals instead of mercenaries, plus the capybaras could have “unpaid human helpers” to collect resources for them, obviously with constant supervision from their lovable “masters” Capybaras.

It’s just a suggestion, don’t pay much attention to me if it is too difficult to do or deviates too much from your magnum opus.


It’s a reference to The Urban Rescue Ranch YouTube channel. Big Ounce (the obese prairie dog) supposedly dying is a recurring joke.


I opened a thread in the Mod Discussion category: