Caravanserais should no longer be listed as a civ bonus

Huh? They were not even close to the Silk Road

Unique units buildings should not be shared at all it just causus more issues,this topic about who or who should not get caravansarai is a great example.

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OKok, sorry. No caravanserai for Berbers, fine

Why ? Caravanserais were not only on Silk Roads and there were Caravanserai in North Africa.

Are there any of the other unique buildings that should become regional?

Mule cart maybe. Technically still regional units, but only two of many civs get it.

Wanna see it on nomadic civs like Mongols, Cumans, Tatarsā€¦

That would break the game and afraid it may not historical accurate.

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Maybe Harbor? A total water rework is always demanded by some players.

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Krepost for slavs and fortified monastery for byzantines and bulgarians might work.

I agree with you @Gaudio3342 that having Caravanserais listed as a civilization bonus for two civilizations feels a bit clumsy. It also makes the Persiansā€™ list of bonuses look overloaded.

I think it would be better to remove Caravanserais from the Persiansā€™ list of civilization bonuses and make them a regional feature for Islamic and Silk Road civilizations. This would be more elegant and consistent with how other regional features are handled in the game.

I also think it would be a good idea to give Caravanserais to the Saracens, Tatars, Turks, and Berbers. This would make the game more historically accurate and add more diversity to the civilizations.

Here is an example of how the Persiansā€™ civilization bonuses could be updated:

  • +1 Trade Route
  • Caravanserais are available to build
  • Trade ships have +1 Movement
  • Markets provide +1 Food

This would remove the redundancy of having Caravanserais listed as a civilization bonus for two civilizations, and it would make the Persiansā€™ list of bonuses more concise and elegant.

I like your idea of making Caravanserais a regional feature for Islamic and Silk Road civilizations. I think this would be a good way to add more historical accuracy and diversity to the game.

Folwarks can be shared with Lithuanians. I made a topic in it but I got muted for spamming.

The thing is that mules and carts pulled by mules were not particularly a thing of nomadic stepppe cultures, they were used all over Eurasia and specially on mountanious ladnscapes. The existence of Mule Carts for Armenians and Georgians is a reference of their frequent use in mountanious terrains. The armenian and specially georgian landscape is specially mountanious, and thus, they are provide with Mule Carts.

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