Caravanserais should no longer be listed as a civ bonus

Just a minor issue, perhaps even something dumb to request for some, but:

Now that Persians have access to the Caravanserai, it’s no longer a Unique Building, no longer a feature unique to a single civilization. It is now a building accesible by (for now) two civilizations, like Mule Carts and Fortified Churches.

I like when civ bonuses are elegantly presented with a few simple straightforward descriptions. Having Caravanserais listed as a civilization bonus for two civs feels a bit clumsy.
Also, the Persians’ list of bonuses looks a little overloaded.

I consider having access to Caravanserais is no longer needed to be listed as a civilization bonus.

Side note: Not the objective of this post, but it would be find if Caravanserais were also given to Saracen, Tatars, Turks and Berbers as an islamic/silk-road regional feature.


I agree entirely. Also, if we give the caravanserai to more civs, then maybe Hindustanis should have their own bonus for them?


ie, caravanserai effect +2 tiles radius for hindustanis

Why Berbers? That map doesn’t show any caravanserai on North Africa.


Unique Caravansarais
Hindustani : Effect Tile +2
Persian : Heal +10%
Tatars : Also Heal Villagers
Turks: Boost +10%
Saracens : Double HP


I agree, if only so we don’t have two civilizations with the same civ bonus in the tech tree. That’s never been done before, and unless shared civ bonuses are officially introduced, it shouldn’t be.

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Well, it was a civilization bonus originally.
The devs later add it to the Persians.
It is something similar to the Winged Hussar, which is listed as unique unit for two civilizations, not even unique unit armor but more like a unite upgrade of a standard unit.
I like the way is it right now, but I see your point.


To be fair, some regional units shouldn’t be regional or civ exclusive.

Balance would be a pain, but on the other hands, it’s kinda weird to see bonuses for regional units.


(Twenty Characters)

What about Berbers: the speed boost also affects camel units, light cavalry, cavalry archers and steppe lancers.

No thanks, the Hindustani bug showed how obnoxious that was in practise.

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I have no idea to be honest, but I think mainly because I want the bonuses to be something more general for the civ than focus on a single unit.

Arguably for Georgians and Armenians, having a bonus affect their only resources depot is still “general”, but I feel it kinda “odd”?

Also Caravansarais need a kind of buff. We almost never see them IG. Players forgets about it.

The map can’t show the caravanserai if it doesn’t show North Africa.

I checked other maps online also. It’s not a Berber thing

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Also you forgot Cumans ! Which are approximately the current Kazakhs, check point of the Silk Roads.

Also you are right and Caravanserais were also in North Africa. It makes sense because Ottoman Empire was in Africa since the XVth century.

And if Caravanserais are associated to Silk Roads, it doesn’t mean that they were exclusively on the Silk Roads.

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Well, the map ends in Egypt. And although there were not Caravanserais per se in North Africa, these things (there is no english wikipedia entry, sorry) were basically Caravanserais. Many of those were built during the Almoravid and Almohad reigns of Morroco, which are undoubtly encompassed by the Berbers civ.

I thought the Caravanserai could work as a “regional” islamic unique building, but it also makes sense if it’s limited only to the Silk Road. China was also part of the Silk Road tho, and I don’t think the Caravanserai would fit them. That’s my issue with it being a Silk Road regional building

I’d prefer if it is keep the same for every civ.

I’m not gonna say it don’t fit them, cause I do not know about central asian practices on commerce and trade well enough, but my impression is that pre-mongols western steppe nomads were not that much integrated into a caravan trade network as much as the rest of the islamic world. I may be wrong tho

Actually it doesn’t make sense because there is no Silk Road, there are SIlk Roads and they connected China to Europe so you cannot give a bonus to half of the civilisations of the game.

In Central Asia (in the modern sense), the Silk Roads crossed southern Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The fact that Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan were nomads didn’t stop them from trading in the caravans.

The Mongols, not at all. They were the ennemy of the Silk Road.

You seem to be forcing something on to Berbers that does not belong to them by naming a different building that functions similar to Caravansarai.

You can find economic buildings for many other civilizations to facilitate trade.
Incas had the Kancha Building, Mongols had Ortoo (Yam Network). Why not give them Caravansarai too using your logic?