Card help

I’ve felt like scratching that card game itch for a while but all of those CCG/TCG’s feel the same. I remembered AOE3 has a card metagame but I didn’t delve deep into it. I am coming from AOE2, I know AOE3 is the black sheep of the franchise but it seems like it’s getting better.

So if I were to set a deck for the British, what should I focus on?
I know the DE version gives you all the cards vs how the original you had to unlock them. I feel like I should try out AOE3 as I haven’t tried it before when I was first introduced to the franchise, starting with one and two 15 years ago.

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Well, AoE3 is clearly the 2nd most active game across the franchise, and the only one other than AoE2 that is actively officially developed atm (unlike AoE1, AoM, AoEO). Just can’t help but point this out :sweat_smile:

Anyway, to get to your question. DE has indeed made great improvements in its accessibility to new players, which was a big issue in the original game. Not only do you get all cards unlocked to play with and try out, but you actually also get a couple decks to start with right away. Each civ initially starts with one deck ready made for land play and one for water play. Those decks should give you a relatively good idea which cards work well and how a deck is generally constructed for standard play. Then you can experiment from there :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the meta builds and strategies explained by other players, I would recommend checking out the community-maintained “Strategy Wall”.