Careening and Dry Docks should improve ship repairs

Careening means - turning (a ship) on its side for cleaning, caulking, or repair.
Dry Dock means - a dock that can be drained of water to allow the inspection and repair of a ship’s hull, thus preventing wood/metal from getting rotten.

Both are useful while repairing the ships. Yet, those two techs don’t improve repairing.
(Interesting fact, the work rate of all types of villager roles can be improved except repairing.)

The new effect could be something like this
Careening - Ship armor +1, Transport Ship capacity +5 and Ships get repaired 20% faster
Dry Dock - Ship speed +15%, Transport Ship capacity +10 and Ship repairs require 20% less resources.
(Repairs already take 50% of the cost to fully repair, so after this tech researched you will need only 30% of the cost.)

These added effects would help people nudge towards more ship repairs and might help make naval battles better.


i think its a cool idea, but i think there’s a couple hurdles. big one, most people dont like water fights since they uber boring, so water doesnt get much attention from the devs (balance wise, game play changes)

secondly, i think repairing is extremely cumbersome, by the time you have dry dock (especially) you should have a lot of ships on the water taking damage, and imo a lot of the time its not even worth it to micro manage the task of hunting down each damaged ship, placing them near the shore, and then repairing them…

if the repair option was more intelligent (group repairs, ships moving to the shore properly to get repaired, moving out of each others way to get to the shore etc) i think more tech effects could be added and actually be useful…

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Unless we get more variety of battle ship units. I don’t think this is likely to happen.

BTW, I would like to see bridges, sea gate, sea wall, sea tower and fire tower to be available to regular battle. With the availability of bridges, I think it’s possible for villagers to construct sea buildings or have more spots to repair ships. But ofc bridges should be able to be attacked and destroyed as they can block ships. Arch bridge is a variant of bridge which is the only type of bridge allowing ship to pass.

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This, imho, would be a drastic change to the game and something i am not in favor of. but that is just my two cents.

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I am thinking if this should be alllowed in new maps only. As water maps strategy is limited and boring, allowing more strategies may make water maps more interesting.