Carolean and Socket Bayonet

Socket Bayonet
Increase the melee ability of the Musketeers by 20%

Musketeer :Melee attack 13
Against the cavalry X3.0.
Additional 7.8 damage

Carolean:Melee attack 19
Against heavy infantry X1.2 all infantry X0.8

If the original intention of this card is to increase the damage to the cavalry, then Carolean mistakenly increased the damage against the infantry, it should be changed to increase the damage of X0.4 against the cavalry, X0.3 against the Shock infantry.
19X1.4=26.6, additional 7.6 damage

The 2007 version is to increase the damage of the Musketeer X1.0 against the cavalry. My confused comes from this

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what do you do about the 20% bonus damage of musks against other units than cav, your point isn’t clear.

I think this technology is to increase the damage of the musketeer to the cavalry
Carolean should get additional damage to cavalry instead of increasing melee damage by 20%

I thought it has always been +20% melee damage for heavy ranged infantry?
Did you confuse it with Rifling or Japanese Close Combat card?