Caroleans don't have hability enable after patch RESOLVED U NEED DISABLE ALL MODS

what are you trying to say? what is ability?

They released a patch just now and nerfed the caroleans, they have 4.25 speed in melee but they have an ability that recharges every 90 seconds and lasts for a few seconds on charge at 5.25 speed. This ability is not there, you can see it in the patch notes how this is so and how the icon of the hability that is not in the game is after downloading that same patch

it works for me, maybe you could try restarting the game?

OK IMPORTANT: if u have mods enabled u can not see and use hability , u need disable ALL MODS. Resolved

the reason is that devs just edited the english file and forgot other languages

Thank you for the report! We will take a look and see whether changes can be made on our end to address the skill not showing up for all players.