Sweden has been too strong for a while. Many nerfs and buffs in recent patches. Torps have been nerfed recently. How do we feel about Caroleans now ? I’ll start…

My suggestion

  • Half Carolean melee damage and give them a 2x
    multiplier to cav in melee.


  • Normal musks already beat skirms and cannons in
    melee. Why make Caroleans have such high melee, the
    Charge ability already makes Caroleans better by letting
    you get on top of skrims and cannons.

I find caroleans to be a weak unit that gets shredded by everything. Every time I play Sweden and use caroleans I don’t do well. That’s probably why I haven’t been seeing people play Sweden a lot


Caroleans are the whipping boy of definitive edition for bad players.

They’re really not that strong at all, really the fact that they’re weak to cav in melee and their bonus vs cav at range isn’t high at all at most it just counteracts their range resist.


Sorry, but this is not age of empires 2, units don’t have to be all the same.
Also, if caroleans are beating your cannons in melee, you are doing something terribly wrong.


They do feel underwhelming right now.

Also they are supposed to be anti-cav in their range attack.

They are supposed to be a good mix between ranged and melee. I feel they could be better in melee though.


The problem is not the Caroleans. I can tell you that.

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Caroleans lose against all normal musks in a 1v1 ranged fight until their svea lifeguard upgrade. The only way to win most fights is to engage in melee with a couple of your caroleans. They get absolutely shredded most of the time anyway. I would honestly buff the caroleans back to 30% melee resist but then keep their 20% range resist after svea lifeguard. This way you have more incentives to go into melee early game and also have an easier time surviving cavalry.


Sweden doesn’t have Skirmishes and dragoons: the most important units in the game.

You can’t expect beating enemies by producing one single unit and say they are underwhelming That’s why you are losing.

I can’t say precisely whether Caroleans are slightly worse, in line or better with “Euro-musk”. But I tell you: the core problem is the design of Sweden and not the Caroleans.

caroleans essentially does the same job as dragoons, if not better, just that they are vulnerable to artillery.

lategame you should mix them with your amazing hussars and artillery and it shouldn’t have many issues overcoming anything.

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They are not. They rely on cards, they are slow, have small multiplier vs cavalry and no ranged armor on top of being vulnerable to artillery.

Mashing tons of classes into Caroleans is the perfect formula to make them op or up. No other way about it. They can’t be musketeer, coyoteman, dragoon and skirmisher at the same time.

Just abandon this misconception and the rework Swedish army devs…


britain does perfectly fine without skirmisher, sweden does not need a skirm, they have amazing art.

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Britain has got fully upgraded dragoons and longbowmen.

Again: Sweden is the only civ with no solid light infantry and light cavalry in the game and that’s why they currently struggle in Fortress Age, Carolean is not a super unit anymore.

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dragoons really arent that important to british and you rather want good art than longbows.

sweden has amazing art, musketeers and hussars, they dont need anything else, not to mention they have mercenary versions for both skirms and dragoons.

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The Swedes aren’t great. Caroleans get shredded by everything in my experience. That’s why is stopped playing Sweden

Say what? British dragoons are some of the best in the game.

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yes they are good, but the british dont rely on them, hussars are far more important to them.