Carrack UT

Hi everyone, just a question for you: Portuguese Carrack UT gives ship +1/+1 armor, while I can get the reasons of more pierce armor, I can’t really find a true usage of that +1 melee armor, since most ships do pierce armor damage, and those who don’t, do a lot of melee damage at once, plus even bonus damage (demolition ships, cannon galleons).
Does it make any difference in how many shots are needed to kill Portuguese ship somehow (considering that they already have flat 10% more hp)?
I never play water maps, so I might be missing something.

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I guess it is nice to have the +1 Melee Armor when fighting land units on mangrove based maps.


Pikemen have an anti-ship bonus. The situation does come up.

More importantly: Bombard cannons, mangonels, bombard galleons, demolition ships and turtle ships do melee damage. That’s quite a list of things that a ship might get in a fight with.

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I know but, what difference does it make 1 more melee armor against bombard cannon, for example, that does 40 melee + 40 against ship? Is it enough to tank another hit?
Does it help against fire ship maybe? :thinking:

Fire ships deal a small melee damage


But only 1 damage per flame, and as it’s extra damage I don’t think it benefits from attack upgrades?

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If it’s outside the bonus damage, then the Carrack UT should mostly stop that then.
So probably the best application of extra melee armor is resisting more to fire ships. Not sure how many more hits are Portuguese ships going to tank though, since fire ships have tremendous rate of fire.

According to the wiki, fire ships deal 2 pierce + 1 melee + 3 bonus vs ships, while Galeys have a high pierce armor.

So fire ships deal 3 damage per shot instead of 4. So galleys with carraks should tank 33% longer (37% with the portuguese bonus hp)

Fast fire ships deal +1 pierce armor and +1 bonus damage, so galleons with carracks should tank 25% longer (27.5% with the portuguese bonus hp)


I can die in peace now, having the answer, thank you!

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