Carrying boar

after the upgrade of proffesional scout, you can carry all carcasses except boar, which i think should be in the scope of the upgrade, its a waste of 2k food lying around, i think

nah it would be insane, i would hunt down the boar with rus early knights and then carry the carcasses back to my TC, 4000+ (2 boar) food rapidly harvested, sitting around my TC safe as can be…

no, the stats of the boar, and the fact you cant carry them are to create a risk v reward dynamic


Not being able to carry the boar requires map control in that area for the 2k food investment. A much lower investment would be required if it could be carried. Happy with how it is.

But the scout carrying carcasses tech is already very expensive as it is, I find myself not willing to research it just to bring a few deers closer, with 275 gold it could significantly hinder my age up time. It’s only natural if you can get some substantial edge from it, a 2000 food source doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

The solution isn’t “bring back boars”
It’s make the tech cheaper and more in line with expected return.

Rus gets a huge advantage from the tech, likely why they made it this expensive.

It’s not just for your own food. It:
1: Takes away your opponent deer(Most important part. Litterally ride to opponent deer mill and take the deer
2: gives you quicker food gathering
3: It delays your farms. Unless you are english, the player that have to switch into farms the last usually wins.