Castle Age

What time should I roughly be hitting castle age?

Depends on what you are going for. Fast Castle is a great strategy if you are going for knights, but like booming it can make you a little vulnerable to a rush. I think most fast castles are around 14-16 minutes. On the other hand, if you are already fighting or are trying to boom I think people try for 18-20 minutes.

I am not an expert or anything, this is just what I am learning too. You might try T90official or Spirit of the Law on YouTube; they both have a lot of great videos to help you learn about when and why to go click up to the next age.

KillerB has a great couple of videos about uptimes and Hera talks about this as well in his ‘Road to 2k’ series.

In general, if you’re applying feudal aggression, minute 20 is around the time you should be up or near it depending on your strategy. I’ve often read or heard no later than 22 unless an extreme circumstance happens.

Fast castle timing really depends more than people make it out to be at lower levels. You can pull off a very quick one on lower pop, but very few players below intermediate do it well enough for it to matter that they had a blistering time up. 26 or 27+2 is probably safer if you’re newer and you’ll have a better economy going into Castle. As you get better with timing, you can get tighter with it. Use Cicero’s until then in the DE mods and on AoEZone.

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Thanks guys! I was just wondering because I seem to always be about 4-5 mins behind most players going to castle and by the time I have my second TC up they already have their 3rd.