Castles and Town Centers are constructed 100% faster

Sicilians’ civ bonus: Castles and Town Centers are constructed 100% faster

This could be used for. Getting a town center up faster in nomad. Fast castling and getting TCs up. Castle dropping an opponent.

The obvious argument is this OP? Will castles be missing some key techs? Like bracer, masonry and architecture, and hoardings? Will they be missing tread mill crane to not get buffs in buildings time for other things?

I say it’s like half the time to create a town center. One villager, without a tech like tread mill crane, a town center takes 150 seconds as noted in advanced genie editor. A castle takes 200 seconds.

From AOE Wiki It says a town center takes 270 seconds to make in Feudal Age. And I assume beyond.

I would definitely like to see the “starting from castle age” added to this. In nomad, 3 villagers take 90 second to build a TC. Sicilian’s would do that in 45. That is almost 2 villagers early. This will be similar to the old Chinese again.

Castle drops with 8 vills will take only 30 seconds.