Castles now destroy walls?!

I just played a game and a castle was droped outside my arena. It was able to destroy stone walls very very quickly. Ive never seen this before in over a decade of AOE. When was this change made? This is horrible and unreaslistic.


Castles have always been pretty decent in taking out walls. I think it has always been the case, the attack of castles and armor of walls hasn’t changed ever as far as I know. The only major change that I know of that is relevant here is that feudal age stone walls were nerfed big time by reducing the HP by half.

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Castles destroy all buildings fairly well. That’s one of the reasons castle drops are so strong (but far from the most important). They haven’t been changed globally (unique techs and civ bonus changes only) since The Forgotten. Nothing new in DE.

Seems like you haven’t seen a castle drop on Arena / Fortress in over a decade of AOE. Welcome, we’ve been waiting for you.


Ive definitly had a lot of castle drops near my buildings and didnt notice them dying any faster (so it seemed). Perhaps it just hadnt happened near any stone walls yet.

I think Castles vs stone walls should be nerfed big time. Let the walls stay as weak vs. infantry, archers, seige etc as they are now. That was a good change. But the castles shooting down stone walls like this is simply silly and is a major change in the gameplay. (Referencing the Fuedal stone wall hp nerf)

I used to think archers shooting down walls they way they became able to was silly to, but Ive recanted. Guys on foot could easily set fire to, or hack away at walls. So its not a big deal if the visual we get is just archers shooting the wall. But a seperate building doing it? Thats not the same at all.

If a castle is shooting at your feudal walls, you’ve lost the game not because of a castle vs wall matchup, but that somehow, your opponent has made it to castle age and dropped a forward castle on your walls while you are still in feudal age. You have to severely mess up to be in that kind of situation.

Get through the ages quicker, put out some amount of map presence, or at least scout so you can see it coming. This doesn’t happen unless you butcher your early economy severely and then proceed to do nothing to compensate for it. Seems like an irrelevant concern to me.

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Since the forgotten expansion(2013ish), Stone walls have 900 hp in dark/feudal age, and upgrade to 1800 hp when you reach castle age.