Cat and Mouse

On legacy we had a Cats and Mouse mod (so much fun!!!). Anyone know if there is for DE? Or if the old mod works on DE?

Thanks I’m advance!


I have it and can confirm it works. I’m not entirely sure on how to install custom maps from legacy, someone with better knowledge can better help you with that.

In the meantime I can publish a custom map pack in the mod manager if you want.


Is it a map or scenario?

I believe its a custom map like fort wars.

Hi @newaoeiiiai, Follow these instructions for playing custom maps and scenarios:

Skirmish - how to use a custom map? - #15 by RadiatingBlade


I was about to list what @RadiatingBlade stated.

Also, I have a couple versions of this I’ve been looking at bringing to DE in my custom maps mod. Just trying to sort through all the triggers and such.

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