Cataphract, Keshik, Mameluke and the knight

I am here to discuss the cost of these units, and i have some suggestions to adjust the cost.

Cataphract (Cost: 70 food, 75 gold)
Keshik (Cost: 50 food, 40 gold)
Mameluke (Cost: 55 food, 85 gold).
Knight (Cost: 60 food, 75 gold).
What to do?

My suggestion:

Make the Keshik and the Cataphract cost as the same as the Tarkan (Huns) which is (60f, 60g).

The Mameluke cost on gold is too much 85g !!!
So make it 70 gold at least.

The Knight cost for food is ok, but 75 gold is really not cheap, so i suggest to make a little bit less by 5 gold to become 70 on gold.

So the units will be:

Keshik (50 food, 50 gold).
Cataphract (60 food, 60 or 70 gold).
Mameluke (55 food, 70 gold).
Knight (60 food, 70 or 65 gold).

I think with this it will be more balance. What do you think?

No. Cataphracts have been recently buffed, and are okey. Plus you don’t want an umit that powerfull be that easily massed. Same with Mamelukes

Their cost is not cheap, 85 gold is really not cheap it is too high, and the same for catph 70 food 75 gold not cheap too at least make it 60 food 70 gold

bro look up this guys other threads… you might see a trend…

lolz you want to make THE meta unit even more meta… slow clap


i thought archer, halb/pike onager are more meta

I swear this guy wakes up every morning with a new “balancing” idea to put on this forum.


Making tons of cav units cost almost the same isn’t balance, it’s just boring.


Mamelukes -5G
Tarkan -5F

However since tartars Need some Love Overall i would make soll Armor +1/+1. Possibly have keshik effected by IT as Well in which Case i would bump their Cost an additional +10G because longer survivability means more gold generated on top of the unit being better in General.


Keshiks are already pretty strong vs archers and Silk Armor is exclusive for light cavalry type units

You do realize that Keshiks have strictly inferior stats to Tarkans right ? Less HP, armor, slower to train with no Marauders… If Keshiks are not cheaper than Tarkans, then what’s the point of the unit ?


Agree keshik gotta be cheaper than Tarkans given Huns already have paladin.
40g is OP tho. At most 55g IMO.

Mameluke (55 food, 70 gold) maybe too cheap in gold, losing it’s identity.
75G is reasonable. more importantly to buff their castle age attack, so they won’t be totally overshadowed by Arambai, which can kill cavalry more easily even WITHOUT the bonus!!

Yeah i know, actually i like the keshik as they are now but i don’t think the devs will keep it like this since there are many players complain about their cheap cost, so i suggested a buff for Tatars if they want to increase the cost, like make the cav archers 15% cheaper or 20% train faster or with more hp, or make the Keshik attack faster and gain more gold in fighting

I think Keshik should tbh cost less gold, since the main idea for the unit is that it generate gold itself. It’s not so good against paladin, or tbh even cavalier, so there should be some motivation for players to use it. If it’s expensive and bad in fights (except raiding villagers I guess ), no one will use it. :thinking:


Yeah i wish they remain the same, but why i feel the devs will not make this remain the same, because many players keep complain about their cheap cost, so those players if they keep complain then the devs will take it seriously and they will change the Keshik. Well for me if this gonna happen then they must give the Tatars a good buff instead