Cattle change intended?

I have played on Deccan with India when I see that water buffaloes count to sacred cows limit like settlers do with villagers one.

Also I tried to send them to my ethiopoan ally but they didnt change to his colour.
What kind of nerf is this? Maybe an oversight for new african civs balance??

Indians dont need a nerf like that while forums are talking about buffing them for treaty or lategame.

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Well if the limit of cows is 10 then they should count towards the limit if they give the same or greater amount of xp, you’re already getting them for free instead of having to train cows.


But they should work as a bonus, getting cattle is good for India and most treaty players trade them to get more XP. Also they give less XP than cows.
What about Japan?? They need cattle from allies.

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japan can get a livestock pen and train cattle from the consulate i believe

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Japan cant train 88 goats for their shrines. Also with this change allies cant give wild catle to some civs as Brits, Africans, Japan, India or Inca


I have seen that this change is intended to avoid African civs of being OP but other civs shouldnt have this limit to herdables that can own.
As I have said, capturing herdables from the map shouldnt forbid you to train more livestock if that is your strategy.


Yes ! due to this change , if a japan already have goats on shrines, the Indian player cant give the cows to Japan. and neither can create more sacred cows.

This creates a problem :

If India have 5 low XP giving buffalos, then Indian can make only 15 more sacred cows,

And if India tries to get rid of buffaloes them, by giving it to a Japanese player, then neither Japan gets the buffaloes not India be able to create full 20 sacred cows.

There are more such, permutation and combination, related to cattle that sort of bugs India and Japan herdable limits.

CC: @Ippert

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Heey @PratUshh, this herdable interaction is intended as mentioned above. You could potentially delete low xp animals to make room for Sacred Cows?

Well as an Indian player, you cant eat herdables.
Its a step backwards as an Indian civ, player to delete a herdable. And if! India have to delete low xp herdables to make space for higher ones. what else is the use of them ? u cant eat them and u cant keep them. u just take them n delete them to make space ?

And I don’t think India as a civ is intended to EVER delete a herdable. Kindaf goes against the civ playstyle concepts. Also its usually not a good idea when u have to delete your own unit.

So… the only use of herdables is for XP, and among all herdables, Sacred cows are the highest XP providers.
Especially after the “GoRaksha” card. (Screenshots attached below.)

So if the cow gives the most XP, then why should a low XP provider herdable(buffalo etc) be counted into Sacred Cow limit ???

Meanwhile there is another High yielding unit that doesnt count to the limit :
the RAREST herdable: Fattened Goat
As u can see already too much of inconsistency, then add an japanese ally on top of it :slight_smile:

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Well , as mentioned above:

There are many other doubts and dilemmas related to cattle limit for asian civs, probably the cattle model of Africans doesnt need to apply for Asian civs.

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For europeans or americans neither. You can be a cow boom civ, you get some buffaloes but you want train your cows for your strategy, now you cant.
This kind of animals should be an extra item, not a remplazement.
Im agree this for africans but not for other civs


I think this is solved by making the ally unable to capture the other’s animals. For example, we are on the Mongolia map in 2v2, and if your ally is Japanese and captures buffalo, you cannot steal them even though you pass near them.

This would also solve the problem that the Indians are sent cows by their allies so that they can generate unheard-of amounts of experience. The wayward animals that you manage to capture will count as an extra and not a limit of the ones you can create by default.

In conclusion, the idea that you cannot capture the animals of your ally is good, but it should not limit the animals that you can create if they are not of the same type.

This doesnt solve the problem, in deccan(like other maps) an ally should be enabled to catch animals for you. This change has no sense for non african civs.
Indians giving cows to an ally is expensive, it wouldnt be a problen in supremacy neither treaty.

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It may cause non-zebu cattle to gain value more slowly.

The problem with that is that the value is done by the market with that %, not the animal itself. And non-african/indian/japan civs fatten animals, giving them more value. Also sold animals give instant resources intead to be gathered by villagers

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Overall just shows, how Asian civs, have become last priority for attention (except for some specifics of japan)

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