Cavalier unit pathing problem - units freezing, with twitch clip

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Group of paladins (fully upgraded horse units) randomly get stuck against nothing, leading to them being annihilated by a group of pikes. Despite frantic clicking to get the paladins to move, they sit in a tight bunch and go nowhere. This immediately lost the game for the player with the paladins, since paladins are a huge investment.

Please, please spend more time fixing pathing! It is probably the number one most commonly repeated complaint by top players of AoE2 DE. Fix this and a lot of people will be very happy!

Edit: I can’t get the twitch clip to embed properly and if I paste the link to the page itself, the forums here think I’m trying to embed a link and I get ‘clip not properly configured’ error. Anyways, here is the link, but I put a few spaces between the letters, remove those spaces and you get the link.

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