Cavalry Archers for Gurjaras

Dude, my reason for saying this in the other thread was to explain that it’s not necessary to have 100% historical accuracy.

I guess a few ways to balance that out will be removing crossbow upgrade from Gurjaras and thumb ring as well. Doesn’t affect their main army units, adds mobility but removes the possibility of early xbows + riders.

This is not reflective of the richer wildlife in the past. Deforestation has devastated western/northern India more than South/Eastern India.

Bengal has more Elephants than South India. This I can bet.

Bet what, exactly? You are pissing me off, since you haven’t READ THE LINK I CITED.

3 of the southern states have 6049, 3054 and 2791 elephants now (Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu respectively). Compared to bengal, which has 544. Southern states have over 5 times the number for even the state with the lowest count.

You are factually, objectively, WRONG.

@PeakHornet46539 Alright, provide a citation for that claim. Southern states have lost a ton of wildlife as well.

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North east is not Bengal. They don’t speak bengali, and they have a distinct culture. Let me make it more clear. I have Assamese friends who would be offended if you call them Bengali. Bangladesh has some 300 elephants. And guess what? The south still has more elephants if you add it up. Alright, you know nothing about any of this, and you want to pretend like you do. Either educate yourself, or keep talking nonsense on the internet, I guess. I am not your parent to stop you.


You cannot have civilization for every tiny place in the world. Ask your Assamese friend, what civ in AoE2 does he think he belongs to?

He would say he doesn’t belong to any single one represented in aoe2. Culturally, he would be closer to bengalis in some sense. But that’s like saying the scottish, the british and the welsh are the same because of their cultural similarities. Do you know that Assam has English as a prominent language? “Oh, they are just a small group of people, screw them, who cares?” bro, piss off with that attitude.

Dravidians belong to South India and cover everything South.
So do Bengalis, they cover everything East. This is no rocket science to understand.

Dravidian speak Tamil. Do you think that everyone in South speak Tamil?

Bengali is based on Pala. And Pala dynasty ruled over Assamese as well.

This is the last time I’ll reply to you on this. Dravidians come from a language family. The language family categorizes them as dravidians, which includes tamil, telugu, malayalam, and kannada. That is the reason why most of south counts as dravidians. link

Bengalis, and gurjaras for that matter, aren’t classified like this. Those are specific groups. Bengalis are a more specific group, which only spans the language bengali. Here’s the link to their wikipedia page. While people speaking bengali span around the world, the places which are significant and historic to them are limited. Even historically, they did not span most of north-eastern states including assam. link

I’ve lost interest in talking with someone who is so ignorant, has strong opinions, cannot cite/link anything, doesn’t read what I’ve written properly, and has a condescending attitude about it all. Learn something about India if you want to talk about it.

However, if anyone else has a disagreement/doubt or anything else, I’ll be more than happy to talk.

So what is a better name for East India language family if not the largest group Bengali?
Here is your link:

Comparison chart.

You never had interest from the start of conversation. You were just passive aggressively stating wrong figures.

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macro civ that compounds its ut and brings bombardcannons. ca wouldnt fit civ or hist