CBA and CBA Hero ranked?


I would like to know if there is any intention to add CBA and CBA Hero to the ranking of the game. There are many players who plays it and we would like it to be ranked.

Thanks in advance.

Currently there are 5 ongoing games and 2 lobbies. You might have a different definition of ‘many players’, but i feel like this is a niche with just a handful of players.


Could be a way to drive growth too.

I can understand you put a new game mode in ranked to let it grow. You can use this argument for Battle Royale or Empire wars. Both are new game modes in DE and the devs already try to promote them in quick play, but quick play is just terrible design, so it fails for that reason. CBA already exists for years and years and years, I think such game modes needs to be proven to be popular before you put them into ranked. You might argue that if battle royale becomes part of ranked, you can put it on some CS ladder, like voobly has. In that case you can also put scenarios like CBA as part of that ladder.

There is still a slight issue: These modes are user made, they arent made by the devs. So in order to put them into ranked they need to become official modes. Not really sure how easy that is for the devs. That can lead to some issues.

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Agreed. Said perfectly.

What difference does it make to the number of lobbies you see at any given time? CBA has always been there and will always be there. Just look at Vooby’s CBA ranking and you will see thousands of people (not at the lobbys, but in the ranking list).
If a game mode is not in rank it does not have as much attraction as the one that is. I refer to the tests (voobly) and hopefully they would add it in the ranking so you could see how people grow.

Regarding what is a mod modifiable by the user, yes, however as with RM that can be standardized, the same can also be done with a stable version of CBA without errors. It is no excuse.

What is CBA?..

I love playing CBA, and also would appreciate a queueing system. For example there are “CBA no noobs” lobbies, where then 2 out of 4 player on your team sacrifice units just to scout where which enemy is and then signalling and saying “grey is here” in chat (just to clarify: the positions of every player are fixed and always same, depening on color). So you instantly know there are 2 people in your team that have never played CBA before.
But it is also true that this mode is niche, waiting times would be insane and therefore I dont see this happening. Also CBA playerbase would have to finally deccide wheather they want to play the Requiem V5 (I like that one more), or the Euron version…
Another issue of a ranked queue would be the balance problems, there are some civs you dont wanna get in CBA (they still playable, but you kinda have to know what to do)

The balance system is set by the team, CBA is not RM. The strategy in CBA if played as a team can be better than the value of civilizations. I’ve seen good players beat bad civilizations over players with TOP civilizations just for strategy.