CD download AOE GE

Is there a way to download AoE GE from a CD on a PC without CD-reader? If not, is there a way to get the game for free with the code on the CD?

It’s hard to download any game that doesn’t exist. AOE GE???

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I stand in utmost confusion. The regular AoE1:DE is only available in digital form on the Microsoft Store, as far as I’m aware (and currently nonfunctional even there, due to some sort of publishing bug). The game was not released on CD, so I don’t understand what kind of CD with a code granting free AoE1:DE you might have.

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AoE is bigger(20 GB) and wasn’t released on disc (CD, DVD)

this the CD i have at home.

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Ah, you had us all with that one. :grin:

I’ve even totally forgotten that Ubisoft had the distribution license for a while during the age of the forgotten empires.

If you have access to another PC you could use a program like ISO Recorder to create an ISO of this disk. Thereafter you can put it on USB stick and transfer it to your device. Windows 10 can mount ISO without problem and use it as virtual CD-ROM. If this CD-ROM has some kind of CD copy protection (like securom) this will probably not work and you will need to buy an external USB DVD/CD-RW device.

ISO Recorder Power Tool for 64-bit: