Celebration Challenge Progress Lost, Anyone Else?

New Year Celebration Progress Lost? Anyone else?

So I opened up AOE 2 to finish up the last challenge, and sure enough it had reset all of my progress. Not sure why. My son had lost progress on one of the challenges last year but we thought it was a one off. Now I’m thinking the devs may have an issue. Does anyone know why this happens, and is there any way to get the progress back. The challenges aren’t too tough, but they’ve got a delay so I can’t just get back to where I left off by playing … at least not without waiting several days. It’s looking like I’ll have to do it all again to get the items.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE


:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • BUILD #: current
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

Yes me too! Just logged in today and all my finished Challenges were gone and I had to redo them all! Even if I redo them, log off and on again, it starts from Step 1 again!

Fix this annoying bug!! We can’t finish the Challenges if they keep resetting!


Yep AaryneGenD, I logged back in again just now, and it had reset my progress yet again.

In the last challenge, my son completed the challenge which gave him the snowmen for swordsmen mod. He was pretty excited. Then he logged back in the next day and it was gone. They’ve clearly got issues storing progress. Very strange since everything should be connected via xbox.

That’s EXACTLY the same issue with me. Even the same challenge where the progress was lost. I was about to get the last reward but I just noticed I have to replay every single one again. I didn’t lose any reward, I still have them but I don’t want to play the 5 challneges just to get the last reward.
Hopefully they fix that soon!

It reset my progress, but I already unlocked everything a week ago… Does this mean if I don’t complete them now, I will lose them?

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I’ve lost my progress too. However, I still have access to everything I’d already unlocked

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Me too, I was just about to make a bug report about it. Luckily, I still have access to everything.

Well its not the first time we see this bug…

No you keep them. But not playing at all also keeps them to you. If you already have done it, keep it as it is. Except you really have fun doing these events, then you are fine and can go for it

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thought i’d echo this issue, I was hoping to get one of the later prizes, but I really dont feel like doing them all over again. Besides, after achieving one of them, a timer appears before I can start the next one. I believe its for 16hrs I think. Yeah I’m not gonna standby for 16hrs…

You can do 1 challenge every day. So you dont have to be standby, just come back tomorrow and timer will be gone (if start at same time)

Yep, when it works normally.

Right now, it’s resetting every time back to the first challenge of playing as Japanese or Ethopians. So it’s impossible to reach the end since you have to leave and come back … which starts you over.

Apparently this is affecting many people, and so far no acknowledgement from Devs as to what the issue is. Hope they get it resolved soon.

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Thank you for letting us know! I’ve escalated this to the team and will get back to you with whatever I learn!


Happened to me as well. I lost all progress (I only had the last challenge left), but I have retained the rewards from the challenges I had completed before the reset (i.e. profile pictures, etc.).

Me too!!! When it will be fixed?

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Thanks a lot. Come back so soon as possible

same here, I was 2 BTs away to finish the last challenge :pensive:

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BTW, I won Mission 3 of the Pachacuti campaign & it didn’t record it as a victory with the Incas & 1 of the 4 specified civs on the first challenge.

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:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

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  • GAME BUILD #: current one
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED


I already finished the time limited event (“win a game as japanese or…”) completely. But since today it shows like I have never touched a single challenge. This is wierd, but since I already have all the Icons, and they are still here to be chosen from, not that big of a deal.

This topic migth be pretty much related, with people who have not yet finished and have to start all over again in order to get the icons and mods:

This is not the first time we see this bug. It already occured the first time when a event got more time on it due to a lot of people unable to start the game after a patch. So this bug will happen to everyone who has at least played a single challenge, so dont worry, its not your fault if this happens.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

:point_down: How often does the issue occur? CHOSE ONE; DELETE THE REST!

  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Got a challenge before Feb 8
  2. Log in on Feb 9
  3. Wonder why your progres (on the event) is lost

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

:point_down: What was SUPPOSED to happen if the bug you encountered were not present?

I expect every patch to be playable for everyone. So this would not even occur and thats basically what a paying customer expects.
If thats not able at least the progres should be saved, so people do not have to start all over again.
If thats also not possible due to whatever: At least tell people about the longer time they now have and that their progres migth be lost, also tell them WHY this has to be done (“We admit there are a lot of issues in the current patch… Several people are unable to play atm, so we decided to give them another chance on the Event. Therefore we try to get the timer somehow delayed, this migth cause some issues with saving your progress…”). This does not have to be done in the forum or on any of the 100 different aoe2 related pages that are out there. This should be in the game itself (news section, or that annoying thing that sometimes pops up (I believe its part of news section as well… not sure tho)), since it affects everyone

:arrow_forward: IMAGE

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no image needed. If you need one comment here then I can upload one. But since this is a so well known bug its not needed imho.

:arrow_forward: GAME FILES (SAVE / RECORDING)

:point_down: Attach a SAVE GAME (.aoe2spgame) or GAME RECORDING (.aoe2record) of the match where you encountered the issue. Link it below if using an external file service.

*---- its not happening in game----


I saw it too. I understand that gameplay-wise, the 20-year-old codebase could be bug-prone. But the mods resub thing and now this, and previously event progress not unlocked if you review the map after the game… I’m speechless :rofl:

But that one is fixed isnt it?
Well its kinda sad, but lets be honest: its just that event thing… should not really be a big issue imho. But worth mentioning, basically just so people who see it the first time can have an explanation on whats going on

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