Celt Army Comp?

In most cases in Imperial Age, do you make Woad Raiders + Halbs or the lacky crossbow+ paladin combo to accompany your siege weapons?

If you can, I would always go Woad/Halb Siege.

You can even go full siege + halb. Don’t forget to get Furor Celtica and Siege Engineers. Then add trebs if you want to take out castles from a distance. Replace halb with Woads or champs if you’re against meso civs. Raid with Woads (or Hussar if you’re low on gold).

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Depends on the map, and on your enemies composition.

Pure woad, halb siege, mass champion, champion siege are all viable compositions. Basicially you choose your infantry unit based on your enemies army (and keep in mind, woads get better the more open the map is), and you add siege if the opponent has strong ranged units.