Censor Chat Setting?

Is there a way to turn off the censor chat setting?


I’m chatting in the lobbies and the game and sometimes it randomly censors words that aren’t even curse words. Not only that but it censors the whole message not just the word it is trying to censor so I have no clue what I said wrong. How do I disable this very horrible feature? I can’t find anything in the menu and I’ve been looking through it for 10 minutes.


There is no need for censorship, especially in a video game. Remove or at least make the language filter optional like in the original game. It also unnecessarily blocks normal words.


100% agree

I just tried to mod this out but apparently that causes the new DE version of CRC mismatch :frowning:

Heyo, my name on YouTube, Twitch, and in-game is Bumbler, same as here. It keeps getting replaced in-game with all asterisks, and I’ve tried renaming myself B U M B L E R only for it to continue to do the same. Any idea what’s up with this?


There is a really sensitive chat censorship thing in this game that no one wanted. You can’t even disable it. It’s outrageously bad and disruptive to the gaming experience.


why bumbler? does that mean something¿

It is because your name contains ‘bum’.


This. Microsoft uses the same aggressive chat filter as many large corporations - always a headache.

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It’s my online brand that I’ve spent years building.

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Since making this thread, I’ve run into quite a few others who have very normal names that are being censored. They tell me that this has just been happening since this last patch. Please fix.


the question was why bumbler

You want me to tell you the story behind my online name? Why?

i dont know what means bumbler i just want to know, no dictionary shows.

Just now my name is also getting censored. Doing some research, my nickname “Cocho” (shortened version of biscuits in spanish) its a slang in mexico.

It would be great to get an option to disable the filter. I understand having it on by default, but there’s no reason to not have a “disable” option, especially if it makes perfectly reasonable messages unreadable.


The word “Coronavirus” is a censored word. That tells you all you need to know about Microsoft.


Look, I get that you gotta play it safe. If you wanna have a super strict censor on in-game chat, that’s fine. But please don’t censor my identity. If it’s not against the rules as my name on these forums, it should be allowed in game.


It does not matter any nickname. I played couple of games online and it was always ***** vs ***** . Looks like all words are banned. I feel like Microsoft games are without nicknames and chat.
My nick is Purkrabi I challenge dev team to find any vulgarism at that name…

Same problem for everyone lol. I wanted to name my clan about Brewery (brassage in French) but it contains ■■■ so… Not allowed.
The problem with this censorship is that it mostly applies to English words and doesn’t take into account other languages. Thanks for this fakely inclusive game…