CEREMONIES - Native americans, Suggestion

UI update, to have ceremony buttons along the ui when in a match, so we can swamp ceremonies without having to click the building or when being far.

Also ceremonies could use an update in effects and names, there are some ceremonies that could be a tech or upgrade other ceremonies (be integrated into other ceremonies).


  • Harvest Ceremony to Fertility Ceremony
    Increases train rate as before. Name-icon makes it clearer.

  • Gift Ceremony to Offering Ceremony
    This is just for flavour, it doesnt really needs a rename.


  • War Chief Ceremony
    Ransom mechanic, hit points via War Ceremony.

  • Water Ceremony
    Upgrades War and Vitality ceremonies.

  • Vitality Ceremony: Renamed from Healing
    Increase all units hit points and when idle heals them.

Note: All natives have Priest/healer, so it’s unfair, that only Aztecs have a healing ceremony.

Most of these unique ceremonies were given by default or card. Changed to tech instead that upgrades an existing ceremony adding an extra.

  • Moon Ceremony (Incas):
    Upgrades Harvest Ceremony, gaining wood trickle.

  • Earth Mother (Haudenosaunee):
    A5 tech accessible to all natives.

  • Charging Ceremony (Lakota):
    Upgrades Conquest Ceremony gaining 100% up to 200%.

  • Calendar Ceremony (Aztec):
    Upgrades Offering Ceremony, same effect as before.

  • Founders Ceremony (Haudenosaunee):
    Upgrades Fertility Ceremony, same effect as before.


  • Harvest Ceremony: Increase villager gather rates (max +50%, for ex).
    One of the issues with natives is the lack of factory like buildings.

  • Conquest Ceremony: Increases all units siege damage up to 100% doesn’t affect artillery.
    Another issue is the lack of artillery excepting Haudenosaunee and the captured versions.

Card “Ceremonies and Festivities”: Unlocks a second ceremony, plazas are able to choose 2 ceremonies.


  • Call of the People : Replaced by trainable militia.
  • Healers Ceremony : Replaced by able to train them at fortress/town center.
  • Garland War/Supay/Tokala Ceremonies : Replaced by able to train them at fortress.

Note: All those “spawn” units should be trainable, Town Center, Fortress or other place instead. Natives if attacked can be target at the plaza making its users easy pickings. How do you spawn militia then?

Town and War Ceremonies

This way all American natives will have around 6-7 ceremonies at most, 3 economic, 3 war and 1 for defense. They have almost the same ceremonies but with techs that make them unique.

There are a few things Id like to make notice:

Plaza issue: Haudenosaunee and Lakota lack a dedicated unit to assing to their Plazas, Aztecs can assign their Priests but are the hardest to get since its either cards, fortress or plaza spawn, while Incas have the easiest but are the ones that get least percentage.

That said assaigning villagers will use pop space and hinder economy between “”, while factories or others as africans use a system that doesnt use population. Options:

  • Haudenosaunee, Lakota and Incas to be able to use Priests/Healers as Aztecs even if with less effectiveness.
  • All to use animals as Incas, specially usefull for early game or even for those that prefer less percentage but more villagers working.
  • Be able to use warriors too, since some times Plazas can be target, some players may chose to garrison priests/villagers.

Note: I dont know much of Northern american natives, but as most cultures they had some type of Priest or Spiritual figure, another option could be to integrate one or update the healer to look different for them.

If you have read so far, thank you. Please comment and share your thoughts just try to be constructive.

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  1. This is already in game. Theirs should be as strong as villagers. This way priestesses arent the worse.

  2. Why would you want to use weaker animals (mechanically the same than healers)? Both dont cost pop while you need a farm to train animals

Also, they dont have cavalry with bonus vs artillery, fur trade and their WC dont boost units(?)

Yup, totally agree. Even slightly better than villagers, not as strong as Aztecs though.

Yeah, but healers should be more expensive. Don’t know if they use pop. So they could have a max limit 10 and not use pop as Aztecs.

So we can’t “spam” them to fill the plaza, while animals could fill the rest if we don’t want to use villagers.

Con que aumenten el límite de creación de sacerdotes ya me alcanza. Después de todo el límite de sacerdotes en la plaza ya es de 10. Con 10 en la plaza comunitaria y 5 en el campo de batalla ya sería muy feliz.

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Eso es pedir muy poco, pero si estaría bien después de todo son “Monjes Guerreros”.