Challenge 10 Knights before 25 min

Hello All,
A greenie as I am, I have trouble to finish this last challenge with the Event Dress to Impress.
I managed to train 10 riding Knights from the Stable in 23 min. but after finishing the game I was not rewarded?
I tried 3 times but no succes sofar.
So I must have do something wrong.
Hope you guys/girls can help me out.
Sorry for my bad english grammar
With kind regards,


If the challenge allows you to start a single player skirmish in the Castle Age, you could set the game to start Age 3. At start, build villagers to focus on food and gold, with some on enough wood and stone for building a barracks, then 3 stables, and at least an additional Town Center to make more villagers. Once stables are up, recruit knights until you’re up to 10.

I believe there is a setting where you can add a clock to the top bar on the screen to count playtime. This should help you track as well.

Edit: Berbers are best to try this as they get a discount on the knight line.

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Finished now.
Thanks Don for your reply.
Appreciate. :slight_smile:

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Why bother playing even slightly properly? The game accepts the infinite res setting. If you want, it’ll even let you set up a rigged custom scenario and play it in SP.

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Guys I tried 5 times to complete this challenge. But I thought that condition was to train 10 Cavaliers because in russian it means “Рыцарь”. I hope it’s help to smb

Yeah, it was kind of stupid how it requires knights, not the knight line. I tried doing post Imp Franks with infinite res on turbo mode for my first game, but it didn’t count, because they were Paladins.

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