Challenge bugged (build 3 taverns)

How the hell i can build 3x tavern when limit is 1?? Does anyone know how to cheat it?

Build and delete :slight_smile:
It worked for me.

Do it three times, then resign.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Ill try.

Ok… its work. But now i must upgrade trade route to iron horse. I did it with win, but challenge isnt complete. Its a bug?

Not every map his the “Iron Horse” upgrade, some of the newer maps, the rail upgrade is called something different. Make sure you choose a map, that has that specific upgrade.

oh its true. Again thank you very much!

If you found a map with the Iron horse please let me know, I have had 3 random games without the Iron horse upgrade and it is really annoying

Great Lakes, California, Saguenay, Orinoco, and Texas are some maps that have the Iron Horse upgrade.

Build 3 city centers on the bayou map. Are you talking about your mission?

I’m still unable to complete the challenge with the british, portuguese, french, or germans after building and deleting the tavern 3 times. I’ve tried resigning after completion of the third tavern and victory after building the third tavern or 3 different maps. Any suggestions?

Don’t delete the third tavern. Need to have at least one up by the end whether you win or resign

Fun fact. The United States has a saloon (US Tavern) Build Limit of 3. Which means the only painless way to do this challenge is to do it as the United States which is the civilization your trying to earn. Catch 22 fun anyone?

make and destroy, repeat