Challenges - Beyond Bombard Brawl?

Dear devs any plan to add more challenges besides bombard brawl? I think this mode will be more played if co-op instead and has more missions.


Yes please bombard brawl is the only mission for challenges. Hope the devs will add more :slight_smile:


I would love to see a “frontier defense” where you get a star fort/colonial outpost and have to defend it against waves of attackers.


Does anyone still remember this is even in the game? it’s so strange that this is the only one of its kind. I wouldn’t mind some more of these short ahistorical little romps like this to be honest. I assumed when it was released it’d be a temporary event or there would be new challenges regularly, but it’s just awkwardly hiding in plain sight in the top right of the menu screen for over a year now.


Exactly, I hope it gets more variety in the future updates.

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Is funny how the Bombard Brawl is still present in AOE 3 but the AOE 2 challenge scenarios are gone.

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The AOE 2 Devs promised to bring those back like the Mongolian and Teutonic challenges but no updates ever since.