Change Byzantine language to Medieval Greek

e.g. the laws of the Eastern roman Empire AKA Byzantium were writen in Greek and not latin since the 5th century.

Because nobody from the populace could understand Latin…

they all spoke Greek not only in todays Geographical Greece and Asia Minor but also in all the eastern provinces since the time of Alexander the Great’s Heirs kingdoms! (Hellenistic period before roman conquest)

Even if the head of state language of Eastern Roman Empire was Latin until only the 7th century. It then changed to Greek.

They identified as Romans to not lose the “right” for world domination that came with the Roman name. This is why many western states e.g. holy Roman Empire of the Germanic Nation mentioned Rome in their title.

Oh and while at it make italians speak italian…


They are fine the way they are.


Even tho the game is fine’ish now, it has several issues and problems

The language of the Byzantines aint one of them.

Two different mods exist which take the AoM lines (neither of them overlap with Italians dialogue):


Indeed this is a gross historical misrepresentation considering how almost the entire Byzantine population spoke Greek as a first and not Latin. The development team needs to fix this soon.


The amount of voice acting needed for this can be used to make a new civi :wink:

If they can do it for Sicilians it should be no problem.


This is not that massive of a task. They did want to bother for diminishing returns. Imagine if they made the Persians speak Arabic, because it was ruled by them. People would not be happy for such a large mistake.


You are 20 years late to be offended.

Your argumentation of I do not care, so nobody else should, is not really convincing.


They could use AOM greek voices, idk.

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