Change HRE chainmail to make it more relevent

Currently the UT only really serves to help pikes survive one more hit in melee. But HRE is already one of the best melee fighters in the game with MAA and Landsnakes

If we changed chainmail from +3MA to +2PA it would allow pikes to take more damage from their hard counter (archers) without swinging the rock paper balance

It just makes spears slightly better at tanking damage from archers and xbows, so they can act better as a meat shield, but they would still get obliterated by ranged(especially archers)

This is also considering that HRE will likely get a nerf to reduce their FC /fast imp potential (even if relics are already getting nerfed)

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The +2 armor should be +1/+1 upgradable two times

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Relics are not nerfed for HRE.
In the PUP the New description of HRE says, that HRE relics which are Stored in Towers getting 100 gold

i do find this quite amusing

i post the same post on reddit, i leave out the relic part, some poor man with an obsession, adds nothing to the conversation, except to point out that HRE is getting nerfed due to the relic change

I then post this here, and some poor guy, adds nothing to the conversation except pointing out something that has no bearing on the conversation (and that may or may not be in the final release)

yeah could work as well. if thats from castle age, it changes the hits to kill spears, with even a +1PA. im not sure on the math for imperial with +1. but +2 was at least 1 hit as well

at this rate, i would literally take almost anything over the semi pointless tech we currently have. english get an imperial tech that is so huge it adds gold from farms, in comparison HRE gets a tech that does almost jack, and definitely doesnt change the outcome of battles

I specifically tested this, relics do exactly generate 79g/min for the HRE, doesn’t matter where you store them.
The description has not been updated in the PUP.

I do think chainmail needs to see some changes. I would like additional health to go with +3 MA. Mostly because I wouldn’t want to touch the counter system with this. Sure 2 ranged armor isn’t the world, but to units like Zhuge Nu, this already means a significant damage loss, since the damage per shot is lower overall.