Change ID by Xbox user

How does Xbox user change the ID in the game of AOE II DE?
But steam player can change ID!!!

How can you change user name to anything you wanted in AoE2:HD (2013), but you’re locked to your Steam name in DE. Not even single-player or unranked w/ friends private matches. Long gone are the days of adding one more layer of immersion by naming yourself whatever random medieval name of your choosing that you wanted and randomly changing it when you got tired of it

I need official assistance to synchronize my xbox id with AOE 2 DE ID.
the user on steam can change id in AOE 2 DE anytime.
This makes me regret buying the game on the xbox APP.

I believe it uses Xbox Gamertag as name, so you would need to change that.

I had change it one time for free, but not synchronize my xbox id with AOE 2 DE ID.
Please help me fix this bug !

As shown below: ID : 邦堡士

Is any body help me change GAMERTAG ID to the ID"邦堡士" in AOE 2 DE

Sorry, I have no idea. But you can try submitting a ticket to Microsoft or sending them an email. I can’t find the proper AoE support page very easily right now, but I did find this page you might try: