Change idea for turks

Hi. Turks got buffed in near past but accourding to statistics its win rate still low. So maybe changing them again can make some differencies.
Turks dont have good trash units, it is an all in civ.If Turks attack succesfull: They are winning, otherwise (especially in open maps) they cant make a good defence and losing. So i think rewarding turks with bonus after succesfull attacks can give them a chance to survive.

Devsirme: Until imperial age, Turks instantly get 1 villager for every 2 enemy villager kills. After imperial age reseached: Turks instantly get 1 elite janissary for every 4 enemy villager kills.

Gold mining buff removed. Free scout upgrade removed but ugrade cost reduced.

What? Why? How?

I seriously don’t understand how people get this ideas. You want to destroy a (finally!) nalanced civ just for the sake of it


The Turks are now fine. No changes are needed. They at long last are strong. Even in 1v1, they can get insane powerspike with free chemistry, on top of artillery no longer costing stone. Their Scouts (and auto upgraded) help them deal with archers.

They fine in team games even. Since they get trade to get out their awesome gold costing units. They can make more bombard towers due to Artillery no longer costing stone.

Not related to buffs or anything, but have Turks really strong endgame units?
I honestly don’t think so.
Even in team games with loads of gold they lack a proper power unit I think, actually I think they’re better in the early imperial age. Thinking of it, I’d rather make HCAs than janissaries in team games with turks.

Isn’t Turkish HCA the one of the best HCA in the game? They win most of other HCA including Unique Unit except Magyars HCA or Camel Archer.
Also critical mass of HCA or CA unique units are really uncountable. Even skirms not work due to the lack of mobility and too low pop-efficiency.

Janissary and HCA with 100 HP say hello. Also bombards with 14 range


I believe you’re right, HCA is the real power unit.
Janissary is too frail imho, good for castle/early imp push but don’t hold very well with pop efficiency.
HCA much better.

Turcos are fine at long last. Also ur ideas would make Turks borken .So weak or so strong %50-50.
Only idea that can be acceptable is siege engineers for Turks.
Turks are for players who knows micro and macro together. They are very decent civ now.Even in tournaments Turcos have been picked and actually won decent games even against Vipy.
BBC with 15 range could be interesting to test out.Or Elite Jans with 9 range could be ok.So they could have interesting role after HC’s being 40 hp .
But Turks are fine now i think.For my opinion Turks dont need so much rework buff or nerf.

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Turks actually have one of the best unit compositions in the game for 1v1: cav archer, hussar and bbc. You also have great bonuses for all those units and on top a lot of the upgrades you need for that are free. There is very little civs that can deal with that composition but ofc you don’t have good eco and your trash is trash. So strong units certainly isn’t something they lack.


If we could stop with the instant free unit creation bonuses that’d be great


There is the issue of knowing where that free unit would appear. If it is not exactly where I want it to be or at least predictible, this becomes questionably useful.

They are S-tier in Arena tho , which is the second most played map

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Isnt this unnecessarily adding to pop limt?

Turks are fine. If anything, they could receive Siege Engineers because of Houfnice power creeping though.

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Turks bombard cannons would be even more insane. No thanks. Plus 15 range. That’s just one behind a trebuchet. They would have to nerf Artillery to only plus 1 to their bombard cannons.

Houfnice don’t have any plus range. The Turks bombard cannons can already easily drop onagers far better than other civs.

Which is only played around once in every 8 games. And only once in every 12 or so at higher levels

That is waaaaay too overpowered and ridiculous a mechanism.

I have actually been playing Turks non-stop since the gunpowder unit buffs recently and they are actually very strong but it requires a specific playstyle. The trick to using Turks is to use their gold mining bonus and just outproduce your opponent in castle age and overpower them with pure brute force by going double gold unit composition and it will be very hard for them to respond.

This can be Knights + Cav archers, or Camels + Cav Archers depending on what you’re up against. You can throw in some Janissarys as well if you have castles to deal with any enemy pikes or just for some extra oomph or mix in some light cav for raids or if you start to run low on gold and I have found that when I can pull this off there is very little the opponent can do.

But having said that I am fairly low ELO so maybe there is an answer to this style of playing in higher ELOs but I wouldn’t know.

Nope They won against Magyar Cav Archer also. 1v1 they won against Mangudais even

Magyar Heavy cav archers get +1 range, that alone puts them at advantage over others

Dude. The Turks are fine the way they are.

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