Change Object Attack - Weird results in-game. Not very well explained

Game Version:

(Steam Release)


When trying to use Change Object Attack, I get some really weird numbers. I’m trying to set a Chu Ko Nu to have 15 attack, but the game gives it +775~ish attack when I test the map… There’s no other triggers that touch the Chu-Ko-Nu’s attack value.

There’s nothing to explain what you mean by “Armor/Attack Type”. I tried both 3 and 4, thinking it would correlate to melee and pierce? I forget which is which, but I expected one of them to work…

Reproduction Steps:

Place a Chu-Ko-Nu
Add a Change Object Attack trigger as follows:

Check in-game:


yes, please explain damage types. I would love to make custom scenarios with super specialized units!

After some testing i found out how it works
the “Armor/Attack Type” adds 256 x the number u type in it to the total “quantity” for the unit atk value, it’s because the variable that handles the “quantity” is of a type that can’t handle numbers bigger than 255, so they made this way around it so you can set the atk to numbers bigger than 255. If you want a number bellow than 255 just put a 0 in “Armor/Attack Type” (and yes, it ended up being a super misleading name)

For example, if you want to set the atk to 266, just put quantity to 10 and armor/atk type to 1, if you want 522 put quantity to 10 and armor/atk type to 2.

Btw trying to put a number bigger than 255 in quantity will give u a different number, and it’ll be reset when u finish testing (just set quantity to 265 and armor/atk type to 0, when i tested it gave me the number 9, after quitting i looked at the trigger and there was a 9 in the quantity field instead of 265)


What the actual heck.

coding and its complexities in a nutshell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But there’s no reason it should be this way, at all. It flies in the face of what we’re used to, with attack types being a specific list of specific numbers. What’s worse, is the “Attack Type” value in the trigger doesn’t actually change what Attack Type you’re affecting at all. It’s nothing to do with actual Attack types, so what is it?

I literally wrote a wall of text explaining what it is.
Ik it shouldn’t be this way, but it is exactly what I explained.
the “Attack Type” doesn’t actually change the atk type, because it’s changing a completely different variable that isn’t the actual atk type

Do you know what black magic they’re performing on Projectile IDs ?

not rly, haven’t tested any of it yet
gonna give it a look when I can