"Change Ownership" trigger should add itself to the game event log

This is a minor suggestion and I don’t think it’s intended behaviour so I’m not listing it as a bug report- but it would be nice if the Change Ownership trigger in scenarios counted as an event so that the go to last event button (Middle mouse by default) could jump to it. I’ve been working through all the campaigns of late to get all the achievements and since getting better at the game I’ve been able to multitask more without babysitting units like scouts- which means often I’ll hear the Change Ownership bass sound and have no idea what I just gained control of or where, especially if there isn’t any accompanying dialogue for the event. Sometimes this can even result in the units or buildings I gained control of getting killed or destroyed because I can’t find them until it’s too late.


Gaia units in campaigns is an incredibly annoying and relevant example of this. It really needs fixing, so that the go to last notification works on any kind of unit control change.

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