Change the new "Random Civ"-option PLEASE

I love this change out of the last patch but sadly I didn’t play a single game so far (I am playing only teamgames lately, maybe it is better in 1x1), where this new functionality actually did do something - there is always at least one person out of eight or six others who has the option deactivated.

Why you don’t change it the way, that the majority have to select it and not everyone? Would be more democratic in my eyes.

Also I am still not completely sure, at which time it is activated and at which time it is deactived… so, if you want random civs, should the symbol be crossed or not? I guess it should not be, but it is not 100% clear.


another thing I would like to see is a pool for random civs, or better, an option allowing me to avoid some civs when going random.

For instance, assume I want to play knights. I can ban all the archer civs for myself.

Maybe I want to play a game without too many disadvantages. So in a 1v1 arabia I can ban turks and Italians for myself…

It would be amazing if the game gave you 3 random Civs when you go random and you could select one of them. I think a lot of people are scared that they get a civ they really do not like when going random so they prefer to pick one. This would solve this issue.
It would be also fun to discuss the picks with your team and to quickly come up with a strategy for the game right before you start it.


ROFL get ready for alt-F4 spam… i pick my civ and i end up with a random civ and its a bottom tier one or one i hate using (sArAceNs) im totally alt-F4 ing

why not randomly pick a civ yourself?

if the shield is not crossed you are opting in to random civs only pool

it works fine in 2v2, ive hada number of megarandom maps with everyone being random civs…

Say for instance I want to play the game with no archer focus. Franks, teutons, celts are all fine for me, but I do not want to pick britons or mayans. This would allow me to do so

In my 1v1s it’s happening pretty frequently, but still less than half my games :slight_smile:

For teamgames it might be better if they match you with your opponents, eg if 2 of the first team opts for random and 3 of the other team, then 2 of each team get a random civ. (Where it’s randomly selected which team members with the random civ option actually get the random civ.)

People might legitimately want to play a specific civ/strategy, hence better not to force them through majority vote.

I feel like its done quite good. Just because you like to play random, doesnt mean everybody does. And majority vote is really not a good idea here, like phoenix said. What I like about it, mainly for 1v1, is that you can select random, but prepare a strong meta pick if enemy doesnt go random, without feeling bad of picking strong civ. Before that I didnt wanna be the guy that picks aztecs or play aztecs all the time (for example). Now I am super fine with picking a meta power pick, if enemy doesnt want random.

I like it.

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should add a separate queue random civ games. letting 1 civ picker choose the settings for everyone means we rarely get random civ games

maybe add 1v1 random civ and 4v4 random civ and increase the queues from 4 to 6

You can’t force another player to go random. If you wanted to force it, there needs to be a separate random civ ladder and/or matchmaking queue, but that would drastically increase queue times for everyone.

I agree with the need for a completely separate queue. The current system is not working. I didn’t get a single random-civ game out of the 30 I played.
I like that mode, but it is unlikely that all 8 players in a 4v4 will happen to pick random-civ. I want to play this mode, and I want to play it with those who want to play it, not with the majority who don’t.

Ideally, it would also use a separate ELO for that mode. But for now, at least separate the queues completely so this game mode happens at all.

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If 50% or more of players participating in a teamgame select no-random civs (aka pick civs) then players get picked civs otherwise it’s random civs.
That way if it’s 4v4 and one team wants to play a pick civ it is gonna be a pick civ but if let’s say 7 out of 8 players enable Random civs it’s gonna be a Random civ game.

  • If more than 50% people enable “Random civs” then everyone gets a random civ.
  • Everyone has to enable “Random civs” to have everyone assigned a random civ.
  • Other.

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I described my ‘other’ up there, but I’ll cite for convenience. Feel free to let me know if there’s a reason this would work poorly.

Singing in Alt-F4 when i get a civ i hate and i never clicked random civ…