Change to EW start

Firstly, this is a random though. I’m not a EW player, my only contact with this playmode is RB Wololo.
Said this, what if EW, instead of start in feudal, start in dark age, but with 18 vils and the food to pick to feudal.
This way, it delays a little the agression, but give you more strat options, like FC, 19p pop scouts, maa+archers.
Just skips the first standard BO


This just sounds like itw own thing

why don’t we get like 3 different options for the EW start?
One where you already have soms scouts just coming out of your stable, one with militia at the opponent base and one with 2 archery ranges you can immediately train archers with-
And ofc the eco already set up like it was for these buildorders.

Then we had the 3 standard builds covered.

In fact… why don’t we just start one player in Imp, with units all through the enemy base, while the other one starts in Castle with a huge eco. That covers another kind of game as well.


Almost sounds like DM Matchmaking when a random player queued for it 11

Ok you make fun about it.

But I think the original idea behind EW was to skip the dark age.
So why we don’t just make one shot like 24 vills or something like this and look in which state the 3 standard openers are at that timestamp.
And whilst waiting for the game to start you can decide which of these 3 standard buildorder setups you want to play. (And if you play random civ you can get the most commonly chosen start for that civ).

I think this would make more sense than the currently completely different game mode. That by the way is extremely unforgiving.