Change to Parthian Tactics

Most CA civs have either of 2 techs: Ring Archer Armor or Parthian Tactics. So I guess it was meant to make their CAs decent while making their Foot Archers worse.

Although I cannot find any justification for extra attack vs Spear units. This makes comparison between Mangudai and Camel Archer tougher though.

Reading about Parthian Tactics, I thought this can make the CA (at the Archery range) much viable.

Just reduce the frame delay of every cav archer unique unit to half (that is, 24 becomes 12 and 36 becomes 18, not 0.5).

Removing the attack boost against spear units entirely or by reducing it to 1 for all cav archer units.

The change of frame delay I proposed doesn’t affect Kipchaks since half of 0 is still 0.

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problem with this is literally cav archer only becomes viable for civs with parth tactics.


It’s for even better protection against spears for the Hussar meat shield you ought to have with Cavalry Archers. It might not be the justification you think it ought to have, but it has a justification.

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I think that the CA need a little boost in their fire rate or a little bit more of damage because Cav archers are almost useless if you want to micro because of their delaying time. So you have to mass them in a great quantity in order to be powerfull against other units. In addition Cav archer have so much counters as they hace the counters of archers an cavalry. So i think a good way to balance them will be to give them more power (attack)


The point after PT is researched is literally the point where HCA become worth it compared with foot archers.
If anything the tech needs to be nerfed and some of its benefit moved to vanilla CA.


the frame delay isn’t a problem in imperial age for heavy cavalry archers, since at that point you have huge number of armies, where it isn’t worth to do hit and run, and you’d rather just leave your units to fight while multi tasking in a lot of locations.


ok so how normal CA are buffed here? All I see is a buff to the frame delay of UUs that will only truely benefit mangudai and allow them to outclass kipchaks at hit and run.

And now each and every unit benefiting from PT is getting royally screwed by this.

And why would kipchaks and ele archers deserve to be nerfed?

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To you credit, the Devs could in principle forget about kipchaks.
In my defense, you have 0 reason to think I (or anyone else) would disagree that the same compensatory buff would have to be applied to elite versions of CA UUs (elite magudai, elite kipchack, elite EA)
I had briefly forgotten about those units.
Some charity in your interpretation of my words please.

PS: my proposal would be something simple, like +1 PA, which can easily be applied to any unit. (and -1 PA for PT)

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Charity? That’s not what people who are salty about mangudai will feel if you propose to make the elite version get+1 pierce armour, making them more effective before parthian tactics.

Writing “vanilla CA” make readers think you purposely exclude CA UUs. And there only three of them, wich makes only 2 non mangudai units to remember…

Good idea. Myself and others have already said the CA is too weak before all the teching (especially civs without thumb ring or other civs that don’t have xbows) and this is one way of preventing it from becoming too strong after teching…

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