Changelog from Stress Test?

Hey guys, did anyone find any mention of changes made from the Stress Test?

I’m curious to find out if the devs implemented any of our feedback… so far I’m quite disappointed, they didn’t even add changing player color… :man_facepalming:


I can accept all those excuses of technical limitations for not implementing some graphical details or designs (still not good excuses to me though), or “it takes long to implement things in such a big project”, etc.

But shouldn’t player color selection be very easy to implement and considered in the very beginning? How many RTSs do not allow you to choose player color?
I know AOM but it was a game in early 2000s (production started much earlier) and the first 3D game ES ever made…


They did nothing. As expected.


Most of the suggestions were not accepted.

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I thought the landsknecht’ sword movements would change. The authorities agreed with us last month.And it’s easy to change the position of the dynasty icon.

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Shouldn’t they at least tell us why tho? I see no reason to not add things like Mouse Hotkeys and Player Color Selection.

Here’s the changelog:




Feels pretty accurate lmfao