Changes NOT Needed but that would make sense

Here is a list of changes that would make sense/logic (maybe) that we don’t need but it would be nice to see in the future, these are for all civilizations not as special as UU or UT (Unless otherwise mentioned).

Please feel free to add your own observations.

Some of these were discussed on other threats but in a different context, so I just put them here to avoid derailing the discussion.


I think all foot units including villagers should be able to garrison in all buildings, except Wonders, wood/mining camps, and docks. also, with the exception of the Monastery/Temple, nothing else should happen, meaning: Unable to fight from there or to heal.

My exception would be Monastery which should heal people. In fact, any building with at least one priest/monk in it should be able to heal.

Stables should be able to Garrison all Mounted units in addition of the current buildings.
Siege workshop should be able to Garrison all the units it produces, but I also believe that siege units should be able to be garrison and heal/repair in the Castles.

With the addition of a UT “Dry Docking or repair Dock,” you should be able also to Garrison Docks/Harbors with your boats and get them fixed.

Rams, for them to function they should be garrison if not garrison they should act like the siege tower (basically Useless but mobile)


You should be able to Manned your walls and shoot from them, at least with your foot missile units.


Villagers should be able to Defend/Attack with a toggle bottom that switches from melee to archer…. No special bonuses or advantages just the ability.

Unique Tech:

The ability to build bridges and the ability to destroy them.

I have some more but let us start with these, personally, I can see myself replaying all the Official Campaigns if these changes were made (not likely) it may make a difference in some scenarios.

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It would make sense also to have any Calvary unit that is also a missile unit to be moved to the stables.

It would also make sense if Mounted Archers and similar units can shot on the move…

That was basically what made the Huns so powerful

It would make sense to me to have Flaming Pigs…

Not like petards or Flaming Camels, but as a counter unit to Elefant units.

Weak against everything, but that would make elefants units stop their attack or to hurt their own units for a few seconds or something similar for a short time. (3 to 5 seconds)

The stable may end up being overcrowded…

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I agree, I had played custom maps with all units available and is alredy crowded, however is not too terrible.

It just makes sense to have all mounted units in the same building.

But as the title stated, the change is not necessary but it would be nice to see it.

how would this make sense? the current buildings you can garrison in are clearly fortified, if you look at a market, is there any way you would be able to keep an army from killing you while in there?

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In point of fact, Flaming Camels exist because Timur Lenk used them against the opposing army’s elephants. So, they should be their counter already.

But how would the archers do their accurracy practice? Stables don’t feature the bullseye.


Ideally all elephant units should move to a new building called elephant shed.Elephants are huge animals which needs a lot of room to house.


I like the garrisoned monks healing units idea, but if every civs could garrisone units in houses, then I would swap the houses cost with mining/lumber/mill and make them support double or triple population.
This is houses costing 100w, maybe more hp and no negative armor, 10 or 15 pop space, 5 garrisone capacity.
Mill, lumber and mining camps cost 25w, but have very little HP and none armor.
This way you can choise between place houses next to gathering spots for protection, but take the risk of loosing 100 w and suddenly being housed; or place houses next to TC (always thinking in feudal age dynamic)

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It would make sense since these places are where people live and work (in theory) but you are right it would not keep an army from killing you…however neither any other building, since with enough force the building will be destroyed and you will be killed.

If you can garrison in any building you may survive just long enough for your countermeasures to get there. I have lost units that could have been saved if I had 5 seconds more to get my troops there… so not trying to make them a fighting place, just places to hide for a few seconds hoping for rescuing…

But as the title stated. This is not a change needed, just that may be nice.

I like your suggestion and it makes sense in the context you stated.

My idea is just give a place for untis to hide foe a few seconds in hope to be rescue (similar to real life) but with the exception of the priest healing them, no other changes…

It would make sense for the building capacity be the same as the population they support in most cases.

It sounds like sarcasm😁, but good point, I was thinking more in the animal than in the rider, since stables house the animals, but that would be the debate…

Your point on the flaming Camels is correct, My idea is more on the line of “frightening” the Elefantes, since historically that is all they did (allegedly…and not very well) but not damage to them or anyone else.

An “Elephant Shed” sounds good, I am just trying to avoid new buildings…
But I woul not be opposed to it.:grin:

It would make sense to me if some of the archers’ units could fire while in Transport Ships since it is something it was done in real life…

We can make it max of 5 of them or even similar to towers limits but a shoter range, nothing extraordinary…just some basic defense.

It would make sense to me if any unit-producing building (like stables and barracks) would add to the space population (like Castles and Towncenters)

The logic would be that: to create them they need the space.

Slav team bonus already does that.

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  • Move foot units in the current Archery Ranges to the Barracks.
  • Move mounted units in the current Archery Ranges to the Stables.
  • Those ranged units take more basic training time.
  • The Archery Ranges have no units but a aura (like Folwarks). Barracks and Stables within the aura can train ranged units faster.
  • Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics are still in the Archery Ranges.
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I did not notice that, thank you.

Still would make sense for all civilizations.

A little more complicated than what I had in mind, but if it works, sounds good to me.:grin: