Changes NOT Needed but that would make sense

They can. It’s just a script of comparing the vil’s current position versus the first TC. I think almost always, will you want your vil to be between the TC and the wall, not Vil, wall then TC.

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I refuse to believe that AoE citizens want to eat only grains. Let us produce or buy sheeps/turkeys at market. I would love it too if we could gain our allie’s resource if they lose.

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I would agree with that, only if your ally is close to you and/or if you get to the resources before the enemy, other than that the spoils of war dictate that the enemy gets them.

But while some civilizations can produce sheep from their mills, I also believe that it should be all of the civilizations, and going a little bit further they should make it where NO Matter how many units you have you still can produce Sheep or Cattle.

(as stand right now if your pop is 200, but you get reinforced or convert enemy units and your pop gets above 200 like 205, you can not produce any more animals)

Plus one to this idea its high time we got more generic units for all civis.

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It would make sense to me about markets:

If you give or receive resources you can only send/receive by being transported by the caravans, Meaning if I send you 500 food, but my caravan carries only 50 units (gold) it would take 10 caravans to deliver, and of course the same about receiving. In that way, it would be more realistic. (instead of magically sending resources).

Plus it would give another level of dynamic since the enemy can capture/kill your caravan and the resources would be lost or captured. (meaning Caravan kill = lost resources, caravan converted = resources to the new owner)

Also, that would mean that Caravans should be capable of carrying all resources and you can choose which one you want them to carry.

Why not? It makes logical sense to garrison in it.

It would make sense in some instances (Like cathedrals and meeting places) but Piramids and gardens are not capable of “garrison” so I just made a general statement for consistency.

But would not be opposed to garrisoning them when applicable.

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Which civilization has Pyramid and Garden as Wonder?

I was thinking of some of these, that were monuments and not capable to garrison in real life.

Aztecs = The Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan
Mayan = Tikal Temple I
Incas = The Temple of the Sun
The Arch of Constantine

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They are all just a larger Monastery except the Arc of Constantine.

That is only partially correct, they were pyramids where religious ceremonies were held on top, it may have had a covered area on top, but not a place where you can hide yourself or barricade.

Of course, now I am splitting hairs… but as I mentioned before I would be ok if they can be garrison, and in that case, they should heal units.

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It Would make sense to me to Hire Mercenaries:

Most Civilizations hire mercenaries to complement their forces, so it would make sense to have that ability,

For Campaigns can be accomplished in several ways from extra building to Hire them to other triggers.
for lobby we can make it simple, allies can buy or sell their troops to each other or allow to make troops from their allied military buildings.

It would also solve (partially) the old debate of “That Civilization did not have access to That” … since the civilization would NOT have it, it Would Hire Mercenaries that do Have it.

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Cuman ally giving kipchaks and italian ally giving condottri is suppose to represent this.

If it was upto me I would give a gold only unit called a mercenary to all civis from the castle.It will be a foot unit as meso civis will also have it.

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That could be a good idea

I personally would like is a new building where you can hire units that your civilization historical speaking did not had. then we can eliminate from their regular inventory those units that are historically incorrect.

So you can be Aztecs and hire Calvary and build Galleons, or Trebuchets.

But as the title say CHANGES NOT NEEDED…but it would make sense.


It would make sense to me If:

Fishing Ships could carry at least 5 Basic Units or Villagers (Not Calvary or Siege)

Unique Tech’s names…

-Wagenburg Tactics: +15% Speed, very strange to get speed when turtling on hills with wagons.
-Stirrups: Everyone owns stirrups, Bulgarians didn’t invent them and werent famous for them.
-Furor Celtica: Siege does not make much sense.
-Medical Corps: Fake like thirisadai existance & shirtless urumi whipmans power.
-Torsion Engines: Everyone owns torsion engines, Ethiopians didn’t invent them and werent famous for them.
-Bearded Axe: Assists the cool fantasy unique unit that does not in fact throw a bearded axe, and only that which is the part that makes it silly, simply rename the UT to sound cool & actually be accurate.
-Atheism: The Huns werent atheists but europeans still called them this at the time cuz they were of a foreign religion so it makes sense to people back then though confusing, just rename it.
-Shinkichon: Points to the fact that Koreans unique unit is not in fact the shinkichon cries.
-El Dorado: So… WRONG CIV, instead of Mayans it should be Incans.
-Bimaristan: Random and weird… also an aura and auras don’t even have indicators of distance, hurts when there are additional crimes of not referencing Arabian horses & university not playing a bigger role.
-Crenellations: Everyone owns crenellations… Teutons are good at defense so i kind of see what they were going for but it falls flat here.
-Bogsveigar: Weird & random, quite a shame considering the infamy of Vikings.


fix the bugs and pathing

definitely the changes we NEED and would also make sense