Changes NOT Needed but that would make sense

They can. It’s just a script of comparing the vil’s current position versus the first TC. I think almost always, will you want your vil to be between the TC and the wall, not Vil, wall then TC.

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I refuse to believe that AoE citizens want to eat only grains. Let us produce or buy sheeps/turkeys at market. I would love it too if we could gain our allie’s resource if they lose.

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I would agree with that, only if your ally is close to you and/or if you get to the resources before the enemy, other than that the spoils of war dictate that the enemy gets them.

But while some civilizations can produce sheep from their mills, I also believe that it should be all of the civilizations, and going a little bit further they should make it where NO Matter how many units you have you still can produce Sheep or Cattle.

(as stand right now if your pop is 200, but you get reinforced or convert enemy units and your pop gets above 200 like 205, you can not produce any more animals)

Plus one to this idea its high time we got more generic units for all civis.

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