Changes that would make Aoe4 actually enjoyable

  • Pause function
  • Rework trade
  • More maps and more bans
    -This is perhaps the most important one since a lot of the maps in the map pool are very controversial, simply adding more bans would mean dry arabia all the time, but more maps and bans would give more control with still a nice variety of maps
  • Fix absurd balance such as dehli Village Fortress buff and english white tower super fast production
  • More dev commnication and dev streams
  • Revert TC auto micro change

Some more insight from marinelord:

"Trade doesn’t fit into the game. It’s totally stupid. The devs are not nerfing it enough. They need to do something.

Right now in this patch there is a lot of dumb stuff. One of the dumb stuff is just Delhi. It’s just totally broken right now. When I pick Delhi I’m quite sure I’m going to win. You’re going to have more units for no reason and eventually you are going to overwhelm your opponent.

The trade one is the one that is making me mad. I left SC2 because of this weird stuff where if one player has a trick and he does this trick you don’t have any room for any mistake. Your opponent who is playing trade can do a lot of mistake and it won’t matter at all. Once it gets going it’s paying off too fast. It’s a very weird thing to have in the game.

People overestimate English on land maps. I don’t think it’s that broken. But obviously on water maps it’s just like they have MAA at age one so if you don’t snipe them with Mongols you’re just dead. I don’t think english is that strong at all."


I already find the game very enjoyable and many share that feeling. To me the priority should be on QoL changes and fixing bugs. No idea why you find it not enjoyable maybe it is not for you.

Edit: I agree with the point Devs stream and more communication

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I have played roughly 1000 hours, the game used to be a lot better honestly in terms of balance and map pool. I could be burnt out on it but there’s been a lot of weird balance changes over time as well.

Pause and better map pool and ban amount are 100% QoL so I appreciate QoL and of course bug fixes as well.

If you have friends to play with then team games are more enjoyable even on the ######### map + the social side is a big part of joy. Also I find that the Megarandom map in custom gives a very cool experience (in particular Nomad) even though it sometimes annoying patterns like heavy woods or cliffs/mountains

I partially agree, but I would clarify some points.

  • Pausing should be non-invasive (pause request) or have few opportunities to pause in a multiplayer game.

  • The problem of trade has always been the exploit that became legal. The trader must go full circle (and not half circle) on their first trip and that’s it (it would even reduce the cost to 50w50c, it would still be a major nerf).

  • The comment of the maps is ok.

  • I didn’t understand anything about the buff to the White Tower either. The Delhi thing can be somewhat nerfed and I would even say that the cost of food should be increased a little to get the militia out of the Kremlin.

  • Ok.

  • Ok.

  • It would reverse the change of the TC, but not like before (before was siege priority), that is, if I went with rams to the TC ahead, the TC would fire at the ram and I would have to target a unit Light if it gets in range afterwards, but respect priority and don’t re-fire at the ram if I kill that unit, unless it gets out of range.

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I am not sure the point you are trying to prove with these screenshots. Aoe4world stats are not good for proving points.

  1. There is not a large amount of good players, even in conq level. Therefore, winrates are not indicative of civ balance
  2. The strategies I mention in my original post may or may not be too overpowered, but either way I don’t think they make for fun and interesting gameplay
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