Changing a unit's name?

What am I missing? I can’t seem where to locate how to do this…

On your tuning pack, with the ebps tab open, go to the Attributes menu and select sbps

Hey thanks! Now I just need to figure out how to make a unit a hero/leader unit

You can either replace the king or edit the unit.

To replace the king, get the unit you want and copy over the king, then switch back to the king model. That worked fine on a few units I’ve tried it on.

To switch to the king model, look in tier_ext of unit in ebps and change the unit back to the king of choice.

To add the crown effect, look at the action_apply_ext\action_state_trees containers in ebps and copy the container from the king onto any unit for the crown effect. The crown didn’t show up on the Chinese official for me so not supported on every unit it seems.

Don’t forget to add any useful types to the unit, such as the king type.

Sweet, how do I add useful types to a unit, or where is that located? I appreciate the help

Unit types are found on the entity blueprint, near the bottom. I don’t have the editor open at the moment. So in the ebps tab.