Changing between in-game custom-hotkeysets seems broken

For context:
I just reinstalled Age2:DE, so this might be setting-sync related

This (in the video) is what I noticed first:

Though it’s not a switching-problem per se. I can switch to Classic for example (not shown in the video). I think it might be that DE has trouble with hotkeys not being loaded in correctly, when reinstalling the game. In-Game both v0 and v8 of my hotkeys are listed, however in my .hki-folder I can’t find v8.

More strange behaviour…

I don’t really get what’s happening. But stuff is obviously broken.
Sorry for being so sloppy with the report. To replicate just make hotkey profiles with a decimal point.
So try naming something one set:
“appleV0.8” another one “appleV0.” and another one “appleV0”
Then see if changing and deletion works correctly. If they do, recreate them,
uninstall the game, reinstall and check if that all still works and whether the appropriate .ahk-files are int in the profile-folder. Bet they won’t be.