Changing Player Colors

Needless to say, I’m astonished that I could only find one AOE3 mod altering the player colors (and I’m not even sure it’s working properly) - Mods Single - Age of Empires

You would think there would be tons more mods changing the player colors, or at least a tool to do so, like there are with AOE 1&2. My questions are:

  1. Is there a tool out there that someone has made to change the colors for AOE3, and if not, how can I do it myself?

  2. Why has no one except Hikiri created any color mods for AOE3?

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I’m honestly not sure what are you talking about.
You want a modification, to change player colors. To what and in what way? Altering materials and textures to make them metallic or something?

When it comes to colors themselves they all can be customized and could have been since day1 of the release of the original Age of Empires 3.
Go to Options → Accessibility~and change them.


Boy am I a dumbass :person_facepalming:

That’s all I needed, thanks.