Changing the Camera Angle

Is there a way we can mod the game so that we’re able to adjust the pitch(angle) and the max-zoom of the camera? We could do it in the original game by changing the parameters from Startup/gamey.cfg, and I could watch units fight in close distance. However, in DE changing that file does not work anymore. Is there still a way to adjust the camera?

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It seems that the new camera angle has been hard-coded in a way such that even some of the in-game functions stop working. For example, the zoom-in option doesn’t change the zoom anymore, very far is the same as near.

I only know of the way to do it in the scenario editor, you go to cinematics(camera editor) -> Free cam -> ctrl+arrow keys

Coming from AoE2:DE, the zoomed in fish eye camera in AoE3:DE absolutely killing the experience for me. Very disappointed with the lack of options related to the camera. Something just feels off in the worst way.

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Also, rotating camera feels jagged. I originally thought they were only a constant number of angles allowed. I tried rotating forward and back but the angle is subtlely different. Apparently, it’s just that you can’t rotating in a smooth way anymore. The way you rotate the camera in this game is so funny compared to the original.

ctrl+arrow UP and DOWN - still not working!