Chat huge delay (often messages dont even show)

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  • Build: image
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Win 8.1
  • Gamertag: .FreaK.

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When writing in a lobby or in a game, my messages get a delay before they show up.
Sometimes its 1 second, sometimes its 5, often they dont even show up. This is for Taunts aswell as normal messages.
Often I write to a teammate like this:
Them: Where is the enemy
…10 seconds nothing…
Me: Oh i see him
Me: I dont know, lets go south
Me: hi

As you can see in this beautiful example, my messages sometimes either dont go through OR come with a huge delay and in complete wrong order.

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Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Write in a lobby
  2. Write in a game
  3. Its random, sometimes it works fine with a small delay, sometimes it doesnt send any, sometimes its a huge delay, so dont give up, keep writing over periods of time.

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  • Before someone comes here and tells me my internet is bad
    This is my internet 99% of the time:

I have about 3-5 seconds delay and I have fiber optic internet…

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I have a feeling it has something to do with their completely absurd language censor
Imagine adding something to the game no one wants and then messing it up so hard that people cant use basic communication via text.
If that is the case, its really beyond my understanding why they would troll their playerbase so hard.


It definitely has everything to do with their censorship system.

Last patch there was a way to disable it by some workarounds with the windows hosts.file, but they patched that out too.


Same for me

Even some simple messages can be delayed by 20 seconds

Sometimes it has 0 delay

I think this issue should be considered high priority since it often completely kills communicating

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them adding new features, they should just add in audio communication in the game. im surprised they changed this game so much over HD and they dont put in audio com in this game.

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I predicted and foresaw this coming a while ago. Of course they patched the workaround, you can’t say ■■■■ by the MS overlords. Why people keep supporting this utter mess of a game is beyond me.

thats why you dont ever let them know how you bypass it. secret stays within u forever