Cheat for timer?

I’m in my 70s and just not good at limited time to complete a scenario anymore. I’m a “turtle” solo player in the campaigns. Is there a cheat JUST to remove the time limit in some of these campaigns?

I hope I’m playing age in my 70s :heart_eyes:

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Unfortunately, I do not believe that there is a cheat code to remove the time limit for the campaigns.

Apart from editing each custom scenario file that makes up a campaign (if that is still possible in DE), and removing the timer triggers (which may or may not break the level) - I believe you will have to play the scenarios as is.

However, you could try one of the following cheat codes to help with the certain levels in the campaign that do have a time limit:
aegis = Fast Build
black death = Defeat Everyone
polo = removes the fog of war
marco = reveals the full map

P.S. I think it’s awesome you’re still playing AoE - keep it up! :slight_smile: