Cheat idea - "Fly you foals"

When any cavalry unit dies, a neutral horse unit spawns in their place and runs away, dismounted konnik style. To make konniks work, maybe instead of a dismounted konnik you get a horse that can attack the enemy.

Or both the horse and konnik spawns at the same time upon death, horse runs away and the konnik does battle as usual - but the konnik may reclaim its horse if it catches it

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LoL can it reclaim other konnik’s horse as well?

that would be great, the only thing is how tough would it be to add. The point of my konnik suggestion was to make it simpler to add in, I think two units spawning in the place of one could be complicated, especially with a lot of stacked units

Gaia horse units are converted by line of sight tho, so it would take some changes -
I’d personally like infantry to be able to mount gaia horses, melee becomes knight, archer becomes cav archer, pikes become lancers, skirms becomes genitours, etc with the level of units depending on upgraded research with the added bonus that they may be dismountable