Cheat unit models not updated yet

Game Version: 100.1.28529.0 (Windows Store)

  • Build (100.1.28529.0 (Windows Store)))

Issue: Cheat unit models not updated yet

So AoE2DE beta already has their cheat units remodeled to the new textures and HD graphics, however AoEDE never got a chance on its beta nor its final release or current version. I consider this a bug/issue as I would have expected all units regardless of them being normal or cheat units to get all new models and HD textures.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Hit enter and put any cheat that generates a cheat unit none of them or their actions are updated

this isn’t a bug. They simply don’t care.

Right… thats exactly why I consider this a bug… they have to look into it and fix that overlook… I hope more people would care…

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Yeah I would like to see the cheat unit remodeled to de definitive edition!!