Cheat warning (no achievements) after playing a restarted campaign map

Game Version: 101.101.34055.0 4495784

  • Platform : Steam


I got the cheat warning in a campaign map, even after I restarted after using the cheat (the map restarted from the beginning, not from a save).

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start any campaign map
  2. Use a cheat code (‘polo’ for example)
  3. Restart the map
  4. Finish the map
  5. Get the warning

Screenshot of the warning:


I just remembered I seen this bug in the Sultan of Hindustan map (from Tamerlane Campaign) even though I got the ‘Raging Wildfire’ achievement when the map ended, I still got the cheat warning.
Also got the medal from the campaign.



Pretty sure the cheat warning only goes away after restarting the game.

by game you mean AoE? or just the match?
still, that shouldn’t happen

Apologies. Was a bit presumptuous. It seems the warning goes away after you go back to the campaign view. Rather than having to restart the game. Perhaps straight restarting the map doesn’t clear the cheat warning.

I can confirm that while using cheats, restarting the game through the menu and then clearing the level nrmally doesn’t remove the warning. However, at least for the Steam version, you will still get your achievements


I’m experiencing the very same issue.

Game version: 1.101.34223.0 4509956
Platform: Steam

I played the seventh mission of the William Wallace campaign, used the two cheat codes “marco” and “polo” and then restarted the game. After completing the mission I got the following message: “Achievements did not progress this game because cheat codes were used”. It has to be noted, though, that I had a prior bronze medal reward and after the aforementioned happening it still turned into a gold medal (the mission was played on hard difficulty).

I can confirm that this also happens on Historical battles. I used marco/polo to find where the Isle of Man was, and then restarted the game (Via the menu > restart). After completing that (long) scenario, I got the warning that no achievements were collected because of using cheats.

Thanks for letting us know this is still happening. It has been reported to the team!