Cheat with announcement from TOP 25 DMplayer named: Hamza aka Ldrago (prove included)

I am posting here, because this is the 3rd time i got cheated like this. and already send e-mail on this to the official described methods. but nothing happened.

A player with nickname Hamza aka Ldrago TOP 25 DM player. Is cheating with announcment. I was playing today with my steam account. Game started. and when he was losing that guy announced his cheat in chat and game SYNCED!

his chats:

“you suck”
“i cant lose”
“watch this”
“watch this”

and when he was losing game synced and he did not lose any points. game was not even counted.

please fix this cheating method and give that Hamza (Ldrago)guy some penalty.

the recorded game can be found on, because i cant upload here: